The Silicon Valley Cycling Foundation (“SVCF”) was created exclusively to foster national and international amateur sports competition. SVCF will support and develop amateur female cyclists that show the potential to perform well at national and international cycling competitions with the objective of developing potential contenders for the Olympic Games and for other international events including the Pan-American Games. These athletes will be provided access to daily training advice, daily training rides and specific clinics to develop their riding skills to the level necessary for international competition.

The foundation will support two levels of riders: development riders and elite level riders. Development riders are young athletes that are new cyclists but aspire to become top international cyclists. Elite level riders are riders that have generated significant results at the local/regional level, have demonstrated the ability to perform well at the national level, and are considered to have the potential and desire to become top international competitors.

SVCF was founded by Linda Jackson, a former Olympic competitor in cycling (1996 Games in Atlanta), and World Championship Bronze medal holder (1996, Lugano Switzerland). Linda was a top international cyclist throughout her cycling career that spanned from 1993 to 2000. Linda also holds an M.B.A from Stanford University (1988) that brings substantial business experience to the Foundation. Linda has been coaching athletes in Silicon Valley since 2005. Linda’s successful competitive background and her extensive coaching experience provide her with the experience necessary to recognize and develop future international competitors.

Why Donate?

The development process in cycling can be several years and requires significant resources. The biggest barrier for women in sport is the lack of available funding. SVCF was formed with the primary objective of raising money to support the development of women identified as potential top international athletes. Money raised by the Foundation is used to provide these women with the racing and training experience necessary to develop their potential. Support the future of women’s American cycling by making a donation today!!


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